March 18: 10pm Paranormal Nerds United

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   -10pm-12:30am: Tickets $20 

Paranormal Nerds United Presents


One Great Night, two impressive paranormal investigations.

We are Paranormal Nerds United a team dedicated to exploring the unknown, with each investigation we spend our time and talents in search of evidence of the afterlife. The best part of what we do is the people we meet and the stories they share.This event is an amazing opportunity to bring the family together and get an education in the art of paranormal investigation. We will introduce and educate you on different equipment and different approaches to investigating. We will have a group Estes Experiment, at which you will have the opportunity to participate. Before we go lights out you will divided into two groups to investigate with our amazing team members and explore The Towne Hub Theater.

Tickets $20 Each, This time slot is for those who want a little more Spookery 10:00 pm-12:30 am. Parent or guardian must accompany children under seventeen, proper shoes must be worn, no open toe shoes, no sandals, flip flops. Will have to sign a waiver.

Date & Time
March 18, 2023
Start - 10:00 PM
March 19, 2023
End - 12:30 AM America/Denver

Litnak Ventures, LLC

Salt Lake City UT 84044
United States
‪(801) 686-8323
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Litnak Ventures, LLC

‪(801) 686-8323

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